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Slot jammer transistor

I was browsing Aliexpress while i've saw this EMP generator article: And how it is advertised: What a nice way to annoy hams.Here is a close view of the PCB: Back of the board: There is almost nothing there, 4 resistors, 3 capas, one npn with erased reference.Ok here

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Bonus objectives in shadowmoon valley

bonus objectives in shadowmoon valley

Snake Trap snakes following hunter instead of idling near trap location.
Report #68352 Fixed Volatile Felfire Fiend mechanic report #68164 Fixed Revitalize timer for Kalecgos report #67161 Fixed Shadow Nova timer for Alythess report #68464 Fixed Void Spawn use incorrect spells report #68426 Fixed Flame Dart timer during P5 report #68461 Fixed Armageddon timer during.
Fixed problems with bad loot report #67790 report #58758 Fixed BoP trash loot report #67796 Fixed Sarthrovarr loot report #67821 Fixed Shadowsword Commander common loot drop report #67796 Fixed drop chances for trash recipes report #67795 report #67794 report #67793 report #67791 Fixed Sunmote drop.Fixed Lay on Hands not being affected by positive healing multipliers.Still not green orb cosmetic report #67900 Fixed Ethereum Smuggler blink report #67561 Fixed Suntouched Satchel drop chances report #68593 Fixed Kael'thas Sunstrider loot report #68591 Fixed Priestess Delrissa loot report #68590 Fixed Vexallus loot on heroic report #68589 Fixed Selin Fireheart loot on heroic.Report #69294 Fixed Blue Dragonflight spell fail report #69802 Brutallus - Pre-nerf Burn damage report #70045 Fixed Felmyst walking on air Fixed Flame Touched and Dark Touched- ICD report #69656 Fixed Shield Orb - Movement speed report #69798 Fixed Flame Touched and Dark Touched stacks.Report #68632 Fixed Vexallus should be immune to Taunt report #68630 Fixed Arcane Sphere level Fixed Flame Strike Trigger Flame Strike Trigger (Kael - 5Man) (1) and Flame Strike Trigger (Kael - 5Man) should be level 72 instead of lvl 1 report #68637 Fixed Kael'thas.Swiftmend heal not being increased by Tree form report #68833, fixed, lifebloom final heal being based on current stats instead of stats when lifebloom was casted report #69073, hunter, fixed hunters dropping combat when using.Report #68750 Corrected Sathrovarr threat mechanic report #68746 Kalecgos should be immune to casting speed increases (Curse of Tongues, Mind-numbing poison etc) report #68751 Sathrovarr the Corruptor should be immune to casting speed increases (Curse of Tongues, Mind-numbing poison etc) report #68751 Fixed Spectral Blast.Report #68537 Fixed If Selin Fireheart is pulled before all of the Wretched creatures in his room are dead, all of them should be aggroed.

Report #67182 Should be possible to partial resist Encapsulate online casino free spins canada effect report #67188 Fixed felmyst spawn timer Fixed Felmyst Intro report #67184 Kalecgos should be immune to stun report #67764 Corrupting Strike Timer should be 15sec initial and repeat.Report #71905 Fixed Breath: Haste doesnt affect casters report #71904 Kil'jaeden should be immune to taunt report #68167 Fixed Dark Touched and Flame Touched aren't removed from pets after wipe report #71912 Fixed Hand of the Deceiver immunities report #69398 Fixed Volatile Fellfire Fiend sometimes.Mage, paladin, fixed, judgement of Wisdom proccing on resisted spells, fixed, light's Grace proccing on hit instead of cast.Report #68744 Fixed Sunblade Scout patrols report #67836 Sunblade Scout should have Invisibility and Stealth Detection report #67835 Corrected enrage timers report #68639 Fixed Doomfire Destroyer - Amount of Shards report #68604 Fixed Cataclysm Breath report #67853 Sunblade Slayer should not cast Scatter Shot.Report #68533 Fixed Selin Firehear - Aggro Range report #68535 Priestess Delrissa"s Priestess Delrissa should no longer talk when dead report #68542 Fixed Gravity Lapse animation report #67567 Fixed Arcane Sphere mechanic report #67567 Fixed The Scryer's Scryer cosmetic event report #67557 FIxed Kalecgos.Report #67599 Fixed Protective Ward script Fixed Eagle Gauntlet reset report #66995 More correct implementation for Eagle Gauntlet - Reset report #66995 You should receive an ID for ZA as soon as you bang on the gong, not after killing a boss report #67009 Fixed.Should be on 5 targets.Report #50053 Fixed Sunken Temple Meeting Stone max level requirements report #67556 Fixed movement speed for Atal'ai Deathwalker's Spirit report #55612 Blackrock Depths The Shattered Halls Fixed Grand Warlock Nethekurse - Evade report #74827 Shattered Hand Sharpshooter should select only mana users for Viper String.Report #67763 Heroic Strike should be 8sec CD initial repeat report #67762 Implemented Felmyst death Requirement for Eredar Twins report #67691 Alythess should not move from her position report #67694 Fixed Blaze doesnt spawn a flame patch on the ground report #67695 Fixed Flame Sear.Fixed hunter t6 not increasing, aspect of the Viper mana regen report #70169, fixed Cobra Reflexes reducing damage by too much.He should continue his patrol upon leaving combat.
Report #69133 Fixed Flame Sear Can be partially resisted, should not be able.
Druid, fixed, predatory Strikes increasing Moonkin form attack power, fixed Bear form attack power bonus being double applied.

Fixed Lay on Hands not causing combat when buffing an in-combat target report #69669, corrected Exorcism coeff report #68990 priest rogue Fixed Slice and Dice not consuming combo points on evading target Fixed Relentless Strikes proccing even when finisher doesnt land Fixed auto attacks that.